NicKey Chevrolet was the “Original Super Car Headquarters”. Some of the most radical street/strip cars known to exist were created in the 60’s and 70’s in NicKey’s Hi-Performance Shop. NicKey was known for the monstrous big block Camaros, Chevelles & Novas they produced as well as their catalog selling almost any high performance accessory a guy could imagine, literally “from Accel to Zoom”

1970 W30 Post Project

1970 Olds W-30 Post 442 Project For Sale

Major project needs total restoration.

This car deserves to be restored. It needs a lot but all the hard to find and / or original parts are here.

All numbers match and all parts date coded to the car.

What you see is what you get. Mostly original paint, but for hood and primer. No bondo, no filler, no surprises.

Does not run but not locked up.

The break up / parts value is $30k plus. Just the W27 is $10k plus or minus, Heads. carb, dist…….. etc.

One of 242, W-30 post cars

One of less than 400 W-Machines estimated to be equipped with W-27 (W-30,W-31,W-32 only)

Lots of options:

W-Machine Package

Hurst His and Hers Shifter


Sport Wheel

Rally Pack

Interior Lighting group

Hood Lock

Rear defrost



Tinted Windows

B85 trim

trunk light

SS1 Wheels

W-27 Rear

Mostly original paint

Original Drive-train

Certified as authentic and inspection report from Steve Minore / Rocket Report.

No dealer or factory Documentation.

Burgundy Mist.

Call Danny for more info 630-377-1222



1962 Plymouth Savoy Max Wedge

1962 Plymouth Savoy Max Wedge


”Well-documented and historically significant factory drag car. This plain looking Plymouth was ordered in the winter of 1962 with a factory installed Super Stock Package that ignited the Super Stock wars of the 60s among Detroit’s ”Big Three”. This is a VERY early example of the “Maximum Performance Engine Package” better known on the streets and race tracks as the ”Max Wedge” or ”Super Stock” Plymouth.

This car has been documented as… THE VERY FIRST SUPER STOCK PLYMOUTH WITH A MANUAL TRANSMISSION (BORG WARNER T-85 HD, FLOOR SHIFT) SHIPPED FROM THE FACTORY. In other words, of the 159 Max Wedge Plymouths with manual transmissions shipped from the factory in 1962, this was the first.

This pecking order validation comes from the Super Stock Registry (administered by retired Chrysler Executive, Darrell Davis) and includes all Plymouth models (Savoy, Belvedere, Fury, and Sport Fury) for which the Max Wedge option was available. This verification is based on the car’s all-important shipping order date (found on its original build sheet, IBM card, and stamped three places on the car). It is also the earliest Savoy found in Galen’s Registry. Current owner has tracked down the first and second owners of this car to further corroborate the provenance of the car.

The Maximum Performance Engine Package was more than just a powerful engine placed in a sedate sedan. It was a well engineered and integrated package with numerous performance and durability upgrades to the entire powertrain and suspension: These improvements include the following:

* Forged aluminum high dome pistons
* New head with larger diameter intake and exhaust valves and a racing valvetrain
* .500 lift cam with 300 degrees of duration and mechanical lifters
* Aluminum short ram/cross ram intake system with two carter AFB 525 cfm four barrel carburetors
* Pair of free flowing cast iron headers
* T-85 HD Borg Warner transmission
* Three inch ”Laker” cut outs
* Super Stock rear springs
* Sure-Grip rear axle
* Heavy Duty drum brakes

On the 25th of May, 1962 this car was delivered to Fred Emich Chrysler Plymouth in Evanston, Illinois to a 23 year old mechanic named Gordy Carlson. He had learned of the upcoming introduction of the powerful Plymouths when he met Chrysler’s racing boss, Ronnie Householder, while he was wrenching for a race team at Daytona in the fall of 1961. Householder provided the special Super Stock option codes to Carlson and instructed him to give them to the sales manager at his local Plymouth dealership. Carlson ordered Plymouth’s lowest trim level, Savoy (2 door Sedan), to save weight and expense. This base model is offered with a manual choke knob controlling both four barrel carburetors and comes with no frills: no power brakes, power steering, carpeting, heater, cigar lighter, seat belts, rear seat arm rests, a radio, not even a side view mirror or back up lights. Carlson selected just these following options (only deviation today is 4.56:1 ratio rear axle gears):

500 ​ Engine: 413 2-4bbl 410 hp 11.1:1 c/r Maximum Performance V8
538​ 3.91:1 ratio with 8.75” AXLE
STD​ Sure Grip Axle
411​ Seat Belts-Safety-2 Front Only
385​ Heater: Front w/ Defroster
346​ Transmission: T-85 3 Speed Manual Borg Warner – Floor Shift

Apparently Ronnie had been impressed with Gordy’s talents at Daytona and offered him a Chrysler parts sponsorship for his new Plymouth. As Gordy recounts, he would race on Sunday and call Ronnie on Monday to report his results. Ronnie would put new performance parts in the mail to Gordy to see if he could improve his results the next weekend. Some of the very first performance parts that Ronnie sent to him were the 13.5:1 CR pistons. Go detonation, but he did say that with the factory Lakers uncorked it was hard to hear any pinging! Gordy steadily improved his ETs by working on his launching and shifting techniques. He had good success in the tri-state area including drag strips at Union Grove, Cordova, and U.S. 30. Gordy reported that he was the first to break into the 12’s in his Super Super/Stock (SS/S) class at the tracks that he raced. He was very impressed with turning ”high teens” in mph through the traps which spoke volumes about the 413’s horsepower development.

The car was painstakingly restored in the mid 90’s by a team working for Arizona attorney Patrick McGroder III as part of his extensive ”Factory Muscle” Collection of rare factory optioned drag racing cars. The documented paint color is code DD1 Luminous Blue Poly. Today, the paint is in excellent condition. I spoke with one of Patrick McGroder’s restorers and he was astonished at the excellent rust free condition of the car when they received it and said that it was an easy restoration. The car still has its original seat covers, head liner, and door panels which are in very nice condition (see photos). The engine was built by Judy Lily’s (Super Stock champion, Miss Mighty Mopar) ”boss wrench”, Dennis Maurer, of Tempe, Arizona.

The following documentation conveys with the car – see photos (Factory documentation has been verified by Galen Govier):

1. Chrysler Motor Corporation Car Record Card (IBM punch card). Includes the car’s serial number (known today as a VIN), the shipping order number, region/dealer number, and all of the options ordered on the car.

2. Car Production Track Sheet (Build Sheet). Includes the shipping order number and all options ordered on the car. This original document was found in the rear seat springs.

3. Original Fender Tag.

4. Original Shipping Order Date and Number stampings found on three parts of the car.

5. Complete visual inspection by Galen Govier. This Plymouth is included in Galen’s Registry (Certificate included).

6. Darrell Davis’ letter including this Plymouth in his Super Stock Registry.

7. 20 original vintage photographs of the Plymouth on the street, in the shop, and racing on various race tracks in the Chicago area.

8. Car Craft and Hemmings Muscle Machines feature magazine articles.

9. Clear Arizona title

10. Documented 5,600 mile car.

11. First and second owners are available.

This Max Wedge Plymouth has been operated nearly its entire life as a drag strip racer and although that accounts for the very low total mileage it also speaks to the manner in which it was driven…..HARD! So, understand that the engine, transmission, and rear end are not original to this car. They are, however, correct with regard to accurate casting numbers for the component parts.

Carlson and Jerry Zielinsky, the first two owners, enjoy sharing their experiences with their Super Stock Plymouth with anyone that asks and they have lots of fascinating street/strip stories to tell. By the way, each and every previous owner is known at this time.

Vintage M&H cheater slicks with 14” black steel wheels seen in some of the photos convey with the car. My Plymouth also comes with four BFG Silvertown 7.5 x 14” black walls mounted to Plymouth steel wheels (painted body color) with correct Plymouth ”dog-dish” hub caps.

This is a significant opportunity to own a very special and historically significant factory-prepared race car. In summary, the following points support this unique opportunity:

• A known history, particularly for such an early Max Wedge Plymouth with a known chain of ownership from factory production to present.

• Documented racing provenance, is unusual because of the relatively small numbers made and even fewer that have survived
• The first Super Stock Plymouth with a manual transmission to leave the factory
• Chrysler sponsored car
• Validated by two well respected Mopar experts and registry information
• Significant documentation
• Beautiful restoration
• Original 1st and 2nd ownership contact available.”

Offered at $95,000.00 obo / trades considered. Call 630-377-1222

1970 Oldsmobile 442 project

1970 442 W-25 Hardtop Project

Total 442 Production for 1970 was 19,330 with 14,709 Hard Tops produced.

The VIN tells you its a 442 and this one was built in Lansing MI along will all W-Machines.

The car has it’s original engine & trans and 12 bolt rear.

It is Twilight Blue, (code 28 same as Fathom Blue) with white PAINTED top stripes and a parchment bucket seat interior.

It does not have a broadcast card or any paperwork, but based on originality we can determine that this car more than likely came from the factory with the W-25 OAI hood. (Kinda like a cowl hood on a 1969 Camaro, very few originally got them, but many have them today).

Engine needs one sleeve for certain as it has a cracked piston & gouged cylinder. Do have later 455 block to include.

Has original Olds/GM repairable W25 hood from another 442. Has NOS deck lid.

Most engine parts, but missing OAI air cleaner set up.


Center Console
B85 Trim
Sport mirrors

Painted White Roof

Trunk and Floors are  solid. Bottom of front fenders can be patched as can one quarter panel. One will need replaced.

Car was parked in 1987 with approx 60,000 miles and stored indoors.

Real Deal numbers matching with a great color combination.



Call Danny @ 630-377-1222 for more info.