NicKey Appraisal Services

Through ‘The NicKey Performance’ we offer expert appraisal services for most any special interest vehicle. Our services start with a one page “ïnsurance appraisal” which decodes the Vehicle Identification number and trim tag/data plate (if possible), and provides a visual inspection rating of the vehicle, up to a complete, on the rack, top to bottom, inside out report of all major components, major visible accessories, body, paint, glass and trim.

All vehicles are to be inspected, in person, at our facility, by one of our appraisers. Please fill out the data sheet and submit via email. You will be contacted for a convenient time to schedule your appraisal.

Since from time to time, we also travel to many shows, events and auctions, throughout the country, it may be possible to schedule an appraisal, at one of those Venues.

We are also available to provide appraisal assistance for complete collections of multiple vehicles from varying manufactures.

We also provide opinion letters.

Disclaimer: These appraisals are our opinions of current market and retail value of a particular vehicle, at that particular date. These values may fluctuate up or down do to many factors, such as supply and demand as well as local or international market conditions. You should not rely on our opinion to determine how much you should or shouldn’t pay for a vehicle, at any given point in time. It is solely the purchasers responsibility to make this decision. We assume no liability and make no implied or express warranties regarding the appraisals.

NicKey Performance Dyno Tuning

At NicKey Performance Headquarters 16,000 sqr ft facility in Saint Charles, we have the latest Dynojet and a full time tuner/master tech Corey Clayton.


Model 224xLC Features

Measures up to 2000 + hp and 200mph

This Model 224xLC can perform load tests including step, sweep and loaded roll-on.

Closed loop load testing is also available by targeting engine RPM, speed or percentage of load.

A simple click of the mouse or keyboard can turn the 224xlc from an eddy current dynamometer back into an inertia only dynamometer or vice versa.

The vast majority of the work we perform, Dyno or otherwise is with Camaros of all Generations, however Corey’s tuning knowledge and experience are vast and diversified.

Call 630.377.1222 to schedule an appointment.

Check out our YouTube page for videos of Dyno runs.