NicKey Registry

About the Nickey Registry

Nickey Performance was founded in order help preserve and record the history of various types of Nickey Chevrolet and Nickey Chicago built and sold cars.

A team was established to work as a committee, and actually inspect the vehicles, at our location. The Team evaluates the car, documentation and prevailing information, etc. against an established criteria in order to reach a potential conclusion/determination, which of course, may not always be possible.

The team, for many reasons, will not travel to inspect a vehicle, nor do they wish to seek out vehicles, at this time. We have had numerous inquiries since inception and have had cars in our shop for the required inspections.

Since there are very few Nickey records for cars, verifying such vehicles can be a very difficult, if not an impossible task to accomplish.

The team is required to achieve a unanimous determination, in order to certify a vehicle as a Nickey Conversion Super Car.

Some of the Criteria:

  • NICB Verification
  • Race Log Books
  • Dealer Documents
  • Owner Affidavits
  • Vintage Pictures
  • The vehicle itself

We have chosen not to disclose the names of all the people involved with the registry on a public forum, in order to protect their privacy. Those who have followed the Nickey Cars in the past may already be familiar with these individuals.

At least one individual was involved with building or supervising the construction of all the Conversion Super Cars, at both Nickey Chevrolet and later Nickey Chicago. At least one other individual was involved with most every Nickey built and sponsored Road Race car.