1957 Chevy Sedan Delivery

1957 Chevy Sedan Delivery

1970 350 engine, with saginaw 4 speed.

Has rod knock, but runs ok for now.

Older 1970s resto.


1,555,316 Chevrolet’s were built for the 1957 model year, only 7,273 of them were Sedan Delivery models. The 150 – 2 Door Sedan Delivery is the third rarest of all Chevrolet models produced in 1957. Only the Corvette and the Nomad Wagon were made in lesser numbers. Since the Corvette and Nomad had higher a higher collect-ability factor from the beginning they survived in greater numbers. The percentage of surviving Sedan Delivery models is considerably lower. Finding one with a largely unmolested body that has not been excessively modified is not easy. The example offered here can easily be restored to original, given some TLC and enjoyed or converted to a high end restomod.

The 1957 Chevrolet is an American icon and one of the most popular cars to ever come down an assembly line and the Sedan Delivery model exhibits all the styling cues associated with its iconic siblings.

The design is one of the most appealing in history. The ’57 is no rehash of the 1956 model, but a full face-lift that gave America a dynamic-looking car restyled for the coming jet age. The overall look of the ’57 Chevy was inspired by jet fighters. The quarter panels were shaped like the tail of an F-86 fighter. The lower edge of the rear bumper caps had a blacked-out area that seemed to look like exhaust ports, but was faux. The headlamp bezels were designed and intended to evoke jet engine intakes. And inside the car, designers installed a jet-age instrument panel. The panel featured a trio of circular pods for the gauges. Directly in front of the driver sat a large circular speedometer with white numbers on a black background with a red indicator needle. Chevrolet wanted its customers to know they were sitting behind something almost supersonic.

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