1955 Belair - Gasser

Tri-Five Chevys are an American Hot Rod Icon. Vintage Style AF/X’s, Match Racers, Gassers, Straight Axle Cars are the rage, just as they were in the 1960’s. Check out this Wicked – Mile High, Street Driven, Time Machine.

This particular example is owned and built by our very own Technical Advisor, John Tinberg. While it is not For Sale, we can build you one just like it, Starting at only; $50,000.00

As a leader in it’s Field, Nickey Chevrolet was the First ’Dealership’ to offer a kit, which would allow you to convert a stock 6cly or small block V8 Tri-Five Chevy into a fire breathing Big Block Bruiser.

This was a very popular conversion in the 1960s-70s and you could get all the parts you needed right at the Nickey Hi-Performance parts counter or via their National Parts Catalog.

You can contact us for a Tri-Five Subframe Kit (starting price of $1,295.00) or contact us about building a Nickey Continuation Series Specialty Car, just for you!

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